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Saturday, 15 February 2014

2013 - Tatler Magazine

Tigerlily Taylor and Hermione Corfield modelling for the April 2013 issue of Tatler magazine."The new sloane sytle. Yes, really. It’s gone all street (in a super-smart way)."

Photography: Phil Poynter.
Styled: Deep Kailey.
Assistant: Phoebe Lettice
Words: Sofia Money-Coutts.

She wears crepe-organza dress, £2,350; snakeskin belt, £355, both by BOTTEGA VENETA. Wool jacket, £535, by A BATHING APE. Leather brogues, £165, by RUSSELL & BROMLEY.

The caption says: "No Alice bands, please. Tigerlily insists she hasn't worn one since she was six - 'and even then I'm pretty sure it was my mum's idea'. The 18-year-old model and daughter of Queen's Roger Taylor has an obsession with Mr Kipling's Cherry Bakewell tarts but, when she isn't eating them, she can mostly be found pottering around her flat in Ladbroke Grove or discussing Leviathan in her philosophy A-level class at Collingham. Her eyebrows look a bit like iron filings. In a good way."
She wears python & canvas jacket, £7,239, by SALVATORE FERRAGAMO. Leather shirt, £2,070, by MICHAEL KORS. Silk-jacquard trousers, £275, by HOUSE OF HOLLAND. Leather trainers, £445, by CHANEL.

She wears cotton jacket, £550, by CH CAROLINA HERRERA. Silk shirt, £255, by DKNY. Denim jeans, £2,690, by JUST CAVALLI. Leather loafers, £155 by RUSSELL & BROMLEY.

 She wears leather jacket £2,000, by MIHARAYASUHIRO. Silk & organza dress,
£3,315 by ERDEM. Brogues by RUSSELL & BROMLEY.

She wears top, £2,290, by MIU MIU. Non-pearl earrings, her own.

Behind the scenes. Phil Poynter shooting Tigerlily & Hermione for Tatler’s April 2013 main fashion. Picture by Phoebe Lettice Thompson.
From http://phoebelettice.tumblr.com/post/46868139399/behind-the-scenes-phil-poynter-shooting-tiger

Tagged scans courtesy of Little Queenies.

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