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Saturday, 15 February 2014

2013 - Teen Tatler magazine

Tigerlily Taylor on the cover of the September 2013 issue of Tatler suplement 'Teen Tatler'.

Photography: Masha Mel.
Assistant: Phoebe Lettice.
Make-up: Karina Constantine.
Hair: Stephen Low.
Nails: Sharon Gritton.
Stylist: Deep Kailey.


Her father is in Queen and her mother had a very intense moment with a Cadbury's flake. Together, they created Tigerlily Taylor - model, photographer, philosopher.

Jumper, £1,300, by SISTER BY SIBLING. Skirt, £695, by MULBERRY. Skull bracelet, £140; Friendship bracelet, £140, both by LINKS OF LONDON. Necklace with crown charm, £840; Necklace with champagne pave charm, £330; rings, from £35, all by RANDORA. Other jewellery Tigerlily's own.

Jumper, £985 by MAX MARA. Skirt, £800, by CHRISTOPHER KANE.

Jumper, £425 by SPORTMAX. Skirt, £255, by MOSCHINO. Loafers, £120, by UNDERGROUND. Jewellery, as before.

Jumper, £375, by MOSCHINO CHEAP & CHIC. Jewellery, as before.
Sweater, £34.99, from H&M. Skirt, £475, by SIMONE ROCHA. Creepers, £470, by WALTER STEIGER. Jewellery, as before.
Sweater, £125, by MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS. Skirt, £250, by KENZO. Hat, £60.40, by NOBIS. Jewellery, as before.
Shirt, £286, by EQUIPMENT. Jumper, £295, by JOSEPH. Skirt, £294, by Markus Lupfer. Creepers, £370, by MARNI. Sterling-silver diamond bracelet set, £245, by Elsa Peretti for TIFFANI & CO. Other jewellery, as before.

Photoshots & outtakes, by Masha Mel, from her website:

Behind the scenes from tatler.com (1 & 2) and http://instagram.com/phoebelettice/
And a video:

Tagged scans courtesy of Little Queenies.

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