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Thursday, 6 March 2014

2014 - A third shot with Urban Outfitters!

Tigerlily shooting again more brands supplied by Urban Outfitters. 

Make-up: Harriet Hadfield/Harry Makes It Up. 
Hair: Hollie Rose/Hollie Rose Clarke.

Ecote: Liberal and bohemian, Urban exclusive label Ecote takes inspiration from the iconic rock genres of recent decades. Decadent fabrics, crochet and tie-dye techniques are played against vintage surplus looks to create an edgy collection of oversized parkas, slouchy cardigans and breezy print dresses.

Kimchi Blue: Taking inspiration from flea markets and vintage fairs, Urban exclusive label Kimchi Blue fuses layers of lace, sun-faded chiffons and cotton voiles with delicate embroideries to create a demure collection of tea dresses, romantic blouses and printed playsuits.

Pins & Needles: With a focus on print and texture, Urban exclusive label Pins & Needles creates feminine styles with a fun, youthful twist. Working primarily with lace, chiffon and knitted fabrics, the brand delivers bold print playsuits, cut-out detail dresses and flattering statement skirts.


Staring at Stars: Channelling a bohemian aesthetic, Urban exclusive label Staring at Stars presents an eclectic mix of chunky knit cardigans, embroidered sweatshirts and easy day dresses. Folk prints, embellishments and textured fabrics lend the collections a free-spirited feel.

Vintage Renewal: Urban Outfitters' Vintage Renewal collection is made up of original vintage items sourced and carefully selected from around the globe to bring the past right back to the present.  As each and every one of these vintage pieces has been pre-loved, it’s only natural that they will have gained some characteristic wear along the way. These items are available in limited quantities, and as a vintage condition item may have its own unique variations in colour, fit and style.


Behind the scenes, from February 28th 2014:

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