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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

2015 - Meet the Rock Star Kids

Lola modeling at i-D's Music Issue (February, Pre-Spring 2015 issue).

Photography: Jamie Morgan.
Styling: Julia Sarr-Jamois
Hair: Cyndia Harvey at Streeters.
Make-Up: Janeen Whitherspoon at Julian Watson Agency using Chanel.
Nail technician: Michelle Humphries at LMC Worldwide using Maybelline New York.
Photography assistance: Ben Duan. 
Digital technician: Aleks Kocela.
Photography intern: Gabs.
Styling assistance: Rosie Williams, Bojana Kozarevic.
Special thanks to Meg Mathews and Camilla Arthur Casting.

Perched upon shoulders at gigs or sneaking a peek from the side of the stage, these are the offspring of Britain's best rock gods and pop stars, who've been living and breathing music since the day they were born.

Lola Daisy May Leng Taylor, 14

Parents: Deborah Leng, Roger Taylor (Queen).
Where are you from? London, bruh.
What do you do? Go to school. Hang with my family and friends. Listen to and write music. Go climbing at the Westway in Notting Hill.
Who's your favourite band or artist?
David Bowie and Led Zeppelin. I'm also a massive Biggie Smalls and Lauryn Hill fan.
What do you think of your dad's music? I'm embarrassed to say I do really love a bit of Queen.
What song do you listen to when you feel sad?
Jimi Hendrix, Little Wing or Bob Marley, Three Little Birds.
What do yoy want to be when you grow up? David Attenborough's successor. Or a crocodile.

Lola May wears all clothing Saint Laurent by Heidi Slimane. Jewellery model's own.