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Sunday, 31 May 2015

2015 - Tatler UK

Rory, Lola and Tigerlily Taylor for the July 2015 Tatler UK magazine's supplement "Watches & Jewellery 2015".

Photography: Kevin Mackintosh.
Stylist: Sophie Goodwin. 
Set: Daryl McGregor.
Make-up: Mel Arter. 
Hair: Yumi Nakada-Dingle.
Hair Assistant: Ayumi Pearson.

Rory, left, wears white-gold & diamond earrings, £87,000; white-gold & diamond ring, £5,500, all by Garrard. Techno jersey T-shirt; silk-jacquard skirt, £5,550, both by Carolina Herrera.
Lola, centre, wears platinum, diamond & tanzanite necklace, poa, by Boodles. White-gold, diamond, pearl & sapphire earrings, £29,500; white-gold, diamond & sapphire ring, £17,500, both by Garrard. Techno basket-weave mesh dress, £1,495, by Temperley London.
Tigerlily, right, wears white-gold & diamond necklace, £120,000; white gold & diamond earrings, £3,400, both by Garrard. Embroidered lace gown, poa, by Elie Saab.

Tigerlily Taylor wears white-gold & diamond earrings, £ 15,000; gold, white-gold, diamond & sappire ring, £ 7,500, both by Asprey. Gold, white-gold, diamond & yellow-diamond necklace, poa, by Chopard. Silk-jacquard dress, £2,395, by Talbot Runhoff.

Rory, 28, Lola, 15 and Tigerlily, 21, are the daughters of Queen drummer Roger Taylor. Rory works as a doctor in east London, model Tigerlily is studying English literature at the University of Sussex and Lola is getting ready for her GCSEs.
What do you fight about?
Tigerlily: Stealing clothes I steal everyone's, and then no-one steals mine because I lock my room.
What's your favourite thing to do together?
Lola: Sing along to High School Musical. We're obsessed with it and call ourselves the Taylor Babes.

*Very special thanks to Little Queenies for the scans!*

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