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Saturday, 22 August 2015

2015 - Debonnaire lookbook

Tigerlily Taylor modelling clothes, jewells and accessories supplied by the luxury shop Debonnaire. 

Photography: Mark Newton.
Make up: Karina Constantine.
Nails: Sophy Robson.

Tigerlily Taylor modelling Morgan Lane's Theodora bodysuit https://instagram.com/marknewtonphoto/

Tigerlily Taylor modelling Morgan Lane's Mini Mask pyjamas and Jessica Clarke modelling Morgan Lane's To The Moon and Back pyjamas. Pic from https://instagram.com/marknewtonphoto/

Tigerlily Taylor modelling Rotten Roach T-shirt, Cheekfrills knickers and Theodora Warren Jewellery. Pic from cheeckfrills & rotten roach instagram accounts.

Behind the scenes pictures from August 5th, 2015


With photographer Mark Newton and model (and Rufus' girlfriend) Jessica Clarke. www.instagram.com/tigerlily_taylor


Debonnaire website - instagram
Mark Newton website - instagram
Karina Constantine website - instagram
Sophy Robson website - instagram - facebooktwitter - tumblr - youtube

Sunday, 2 August 2015

2015 - Diet Coke and J.W.Anderson collection launch

Tigerlily Taylor, Henry Pedro-Wright and Bip Ling attend the Diet Coke and J.W.Anderson collection launch, London, Britain - 30 Jul 2015.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. If I find them in iproved versions, I'll change them.