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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

2016 - Tigerlily Taylor on modelling, studying for a degree and being the daughter of Queen drummer Roger Taylor

Tigerlily Taylor on modelling, studying for a degree and being the daughter of Queen drummer Roger Taylor

The 22-year-old started modelling at the age of 17

LIZZIE EDMONDS - Tuesday 1 November 2016

Model Tigerlily Taylor says she no longer cares about being "tall and skinny" - unlike when she first started in the industry.

Taylor, 22, the daughter of Queen drummer Roger, said that after five years of modelling, she was comfortable with her body. But she doesn’t see her future in the industry, instead hoping to become a writer.

"I have been modelling since I was 17," she said. "I was an awkward, grungy teenager and a massive tomboy. Of course I wanted to be tall and skinny but now I don’t care at all. I am not a super-skinny 6ft 10in giraffe model but I am completely comfortable with my body as it is."

Taylor, who was speaking as she was announced as the face of London lingerie brand Bluebella, revealed she did not enjoy working on catwalk shows. "You do get an incredible adrenaline rush afterwards but I find it a bit too stressful," she said.

She balances her modelling career with studying for an English degree at the University of Sussex. "I am working incredibly hard in my final year at uni and really want to get a first and then have a career in writing when I leave - possibly starting in journalism," she said. "But ultimately I would like to write a novel."

So far she has followed in the footsteps of her mother, model and actress Debbie Leng. But Taylor compared herself to her father, with whom she is pictured. "He has had a pretty crazy life," she said. "He is a real intellectual. We are very similar."

Taylor also spoke about her boyfriend, fellow model Henry Pedro-Wright. "Henry has really calmed me down, but I am never getting married," she said. "I don’t believe in the institution. It takes away all the romance."

The collection worn by Taylor is available at Bluebella.com

Saturday, 29 October 2016

2016 - Introducing Tigerlily Taylor - the new face of BlueBella

28 OCTOBER 2016 


Daughter of the Queen drummer Roger Taylor and supermodel Deborah Leng, Tigerlily is already a society favourite, having graced the cover of Tatler and appearing regularly in Vogue. She is signed with Select Model Management and is currently in her third year studying English at The University of Sussex after attending Bedales School.

BlueBella x Tigerlily Taylor - behind the scenes of Celeste video
A natural rebel, she left home at 16, though she was always very studious. She said "I was such a horrible teenager - my poor parents. But despite switching schools, I was a nerdy student who got my homework in on time. I am working incredibly hard in my final year at uni and really want to get a First."

BlueBella x Tigerlily Taylor - behind the scenes of Sephy video
She loves being the new face of Bluebella “because they champion female empowerment and the designs have a unique and exciting aesthetic that is redefining sensuality”. She said "I love the idea of buying lingerie for yourself and not just for your partner. It is also incredibly wearable but very sexy, too."

She adores writing poetry and short stories, and may make a move into journalism in the future but ultimately dreams of writing a novel. To add to the cool factor of her famous family, Tigerlily’s brother Rufus is the drummer in the band The Darkness.

Tiger loves concerts and festivals and goes to Glasto and Secret Garden every year. She adores listening to David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and The Who, and it’s not just her taste in music that is rock’n’roll, her style is as well. Glam rock and grungy are key to her wardrobe.

Vogue described Tigerlily and her model boyfriend Henry Pedro-Wright, 24, as "London's coolest couple". They have been together two years and are happiest lying in bed eating pizza and watching box sets.
She said: "Henry has really calmed me down, but I am never getting married. I don't believe in the institution. It takes away all the romance and I would feel trapped."

With an edgy London vibe and recognisable from the party pages around the city’s social set, Tigerlily’s latest campaign reflects the confident, stylish statement made by our lingerie and nightwear designs.

Add to the mix that her latest obsession is Muay Thai kickboxing and you see why we just had to have Tigerlily as the face of Bluebella - smart and fearless, with an edgy street style that epitomises London cool.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

2016 - Grazia UK

Tigerlily Taylor for Grazia UK November 1st 2016 issue.

Photography: Kristin Vicari.
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Sophie Higginson.
Words: Louise Gannon.

'I don't get Taylor Swift – she's boring'

Model – and Queen progeny – Tigerlily Taylor is shrugging off the 'daughter-of' mantle. Grazia meets the outspoken star-inthe-making.

TIGERLILY TAYLOR IS THE LATEST MEMBER of rock's aristocracy (her dad is Roger Taylor from Queen) to become the darling of the fashion world. Blonde, green-eyed and pillow-lipped, she is also on a mission to be taken very seriously indeed. 'Do I think it's a clichรฉ to be the model daughter of a rock star?' she says. 'Abso-bloody-lutely. But I'm doing it my way – on my own terms.'
The 23-year-old middle child of the Queen drummer and model Debbie Leng (whose scandalously sexy chocolate advert for Flake caused uproar in the late '80s) is a far cry from the Insta-fame celebrity progeny hitching a free ride from the fashion world.
She doesn't tweet, she bins most of her red-carpet invites and is also pretty hard to get hold of, as interviews have to fit around her timetable as a BA Hons English student at Sussex University. 'It's my final year,' she apologises. 'I desperately want to get a First. I would never put modelling before studying.'

Tiger, however, is well worth the wait. Her surrogate sisters are the Geldof girls (Paula Yates named her youngest, tiger Lily Hutchence, after her), she spent a gap year travelling with Sascha von Bismark (his older brother Nikolai – Kate Moss's ex – joined them in Myanmar) and she is under no illusions about the power of her famous last name – which she sees as both a blessing and a curse. During the course of a very frank conversation, she describes herself as 'a feminist and a revolutionary'. Opinionated, funny and smart, she cites her hero as the 18th-century women's rights advocate Mary Wollstonecraft. This is a Tiger who wants to roar.

She admits that growing up as 'the daughter of' had a profound impact on her own sense of identity, turning her into a teenage rebel. She quit one school after another, including Bedales, where she was in the same class as friend Cara Delevingne.
'I had the most idyllic childhood,' she says. 'My brother [Rufus, 25] and sister [Lola, 16 – she also has a half-sister, rory, 30, and half-brother, Felix, 36, from her dad's marriage to Dominique Beyrand] and I had a really lovely life. I had horses and I was a total country bumpkin and then, when I was nine [in 2002, the year her parents split], we moved to London.'
At school she felt her identity was overshadowed by her famous parents. 'I never said who my dad was and I'd e waiting for people to find out. I dreaded that. People would wind me up by playing Queen songs.'
At the age of 16, tiger moved out of the family home into a flat in West London bought for her by her father. 'I really put my parents through it,' she says. 'I'd have lots of parties at my mum's. We had so many rows and then my dad agreed I could move out.'

The same year, she was scouted several times to model. Along with Pixie Geldof, she went into Select models to ask to be taken on. 'At the time I had zero confidence about the way I looked and I knew a lot of the reason I was asked to do modelling was because of my dad.
'I wanted to be completely business-like about it. I grew up with the Geldof girls. Bob and my dad are great mates. The girls all lived with us when I was a kid and we'd go on holiday together every year. I loved the way Pixie had handled herself, she models, she sings, she's cool, she's her own person. I talked to her about it and we went into Select together.'
When Peaches died of a heroin overdose, Tiger was devastated. 'I hadn't seen her for a while but the Geldofs are like my sisters. It was a terrible time. It's still a shock. Peaches was like a big sister. She was so smart and she could be so visiously funny, she was such a one-off. It was all horribly sad.'

Her mother was very much against Tiger modelling (her campaigns have included Urban Outfitters and she has appeared on the covers of teenage fashion magazines). 'She knew where it could lead, she knew how easy it is to be taken advantage of and the whole thing about being so-and-so's daughter. But I still thought I could make it work for me.
'In the end, I decided to put my modelling on hold, take a gap year and then go to university.'

Today, Tiger is the face of Bluebella, a lingerie company founded by former Oxford University graduate Emily Bendell, whose aim was to create high-end underwear for  women designed by women.
After meeting Tiger, Bendell found her perfect ambassador. 'There's a feminist ethos to Bluebella that I love,' says Tiger. 'It's all designed by women so it's comfortable and it does make you feel strong and sexy.
'What I loved even more was that Emily didn't want any pictures airbrushed. Initially, that makes you feel nervous. But the more I thought about it, the mode I just loved the idea. I love the fact that this is all me. This campaign has given me more body confidence than anything else, because it's about accepting being what you are and who you are, and that is such an important message to send today, when we live in this mad, airbrushed world.'

I ask about fellow London models Cara and Georgia May Jagger, but she shakes her head. 'I think Cara is great and I know Georgia May a it but I'm not part of any model gang,' she says. 'Most of my life is down at uni, just being a student. No one there asks me about famous friends or who my parents are. they just don't care. I love that.'
Taylor Swift's squad gets a raised eyebrow. 'I just don't get the obsession with her. I don't care about her. I find her incredibly boring.' Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are similarly dismissed as 'women playing up to some pornographic male ideal and calling it empowerment. I find it just sad.'

Tiger's goal is to write. 'I've een writing poems since I was a teenager. I write short stories and, ultimately, I want to write novels. but right now I just want to get better at writing.'
She lives with her boyfriend, the model Henry Pedro-Wright, who she met at a festival two years ago. Pedro-Wright is the first black model to walk for Prada. They have been described as 'London's coolest couple'. She laughs. 'I don't think that's us. We live in Brighton. Most of the time we're sitting in bed eating pizza, watching Game of Thrones.'
She remains 'ridiculously close' to her famous family. 'All five of us are so tight. We all go on holiday together and when Rufus is performing with his band – The Darkness – Lola and I are at the front, dancing and screaming our heads off.'
As for the music of Queen, she is now proud to put herself as a fan. 'I didn't listen to their music for years, but of course I love it. If you have famous parents, you can feel judged by it but ultimately you grow up and you realise how amazing your parents are and how lucky you are. And then you have to find out who you are and absolutely be yourself.'

Bluebella is offering 20% off all purchases at Bluebella.com with the code GRAZIA20.

A behind the scenes picture from October 19th, 2016.
Grazia UK website - instagram - facebook - twitter - pinterest - google+ - youtube
Kristin Vicari website - instagram - tumblr
Sophie Higginson website - instagram - facebook - twitter

Monday, 10 October 2016

2016 - Phoenix magazine

Photography: Daniel Nadel.
Hair: Choccy Sanchez.
Make Up Artist:  Lan Nguyen-Grealis.
Stylist: Hannah C. Beck.
Set Designer: Lee Flude.
Stylist's Assistant: Hannah Shams.

Tiger in the City

Rock Royalty, Tigerlily Taylor talks to Hannah Kane about a career in words, fashion must-haves, and London's best bits.

Gold trousers, TARA JARMON. Skirt and top, ALTUZARRA. Boots, DR. MARTEN

Tigerlily Taylor is reclining in an oversize antique armchair, vintage military jacket thrown over a dress of gossamer ruffles by Allessandra Rich, with the kind of louche nonchalance as befits a rock and roll czarina. The daughter of British supergroup Queen drummer Roger Taylor and supermodel Deborah Leng, whose 80s TV ad for Flake captured the gloriously over-the-top spirit of the times, she's inherited the best of both sides of the genetic pool while quietly forging her own path.

There's something in the grungy blonde roots, softly-spoken voice and power brows that's reminiscent of London faces Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. In fact, the 22-year old shared a dorm with Delevingne at famously lieral private school Bedales in Hampshire, describing her in newspapers as "like my older sister. She was hilarious, actually, and we had so much fun." Now Taylor (or Tiger as she's known to her friends), is in the throes of a final year dissertation studying English at Sussex University, finding time to shoot a lingerie campaign for London-born brand Bluebella, and PHOENIX's 20th issue anniversary cover. She started modelling aged 17, and has stuck with the advice that her mother gave her: "don't start too young, and always be yourself.

A career in writing appeals, but Taylor's not making any desicions just yet - there are other avenues still up for grabs. "I have ideas but I don't want to set a specific path for myself," she says. "Ideally I'd love to get into journalism and eventually into novel writing. I write poetry and would love to complie and illustrate a book of my own poetry." That novel may end up being out of this world if the works of her favourite authors Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Por are anything to go by. "I've always been fascinated by science fiction and am a big fan of Wells and Orwell," enthuses Taylor. "Currently I'm studying the work of Vladimir Nabokov." She's got a hidden talent for spelling, which certainly makes a writer's life easier.

Growing up in the idyllic English countryside, Taylor's childhood memories are of playing with her siblings, younger sister Lola Daisy May Taylor and older brother Rufus Tiger Taylor, whose distinctive middle name was apparently chosen by Freddie Mercury. The trio spent much of their time outdoors. "Most of my favourite memories are of looking after horses with my mum and building dens with my brother in the garden," says Taylor. rufus has since followed in his father's footsteps as a drummer and plays with glam metal band The Darkness as well as the Queen + Adam Lambert stage show tour.

Blue Military coat, BEYOND RETRO. Lace Dress, LUISA BECCARIA. Lether Trousers, BELSTAFF. Boots, DR. MARTEN. Jewellery, MONICA VINADER


The family moved to London when Taylor was nine, and having spent her teenage years there she thinks the capital is special because it's "so culturally diverse - diversity is one of the things that makes it a great city." In the recent EU Referendum, like most of our demographic, she voted Remain. "I was shocked at the outcome and don't think anyone expected it. I feel that Britain has taken a massive step backwards."

Her little black book of London haunts includes La Brasserie on Brompton Road, "it's a French Restaurant I go to with my mum. We've been going there since I was little." For "the best burger in London", she recommends Boom Burger on Portobello Road, but come cocktail hour Soho's infamous Groucho Club beckons. The John Madejski Garden at the Victoria and Albert Museum is her spot for moments of contemplation: "the beautiful architecture of the museum encircles an oval pool, creating an incredibly peaceful environment."

Taylor's boyfriend is fellow Select agency model Henry-Pedro Wright, their respective Instagram feeds are peppered with cute shots of them being cool and silly. Her perfect date with him is a good old fashioned "Netflix and chill with a bottle of wine. We are so romantic," she deadpans.

Wright has a good eye for clothes, Taylor loves to wear wintage, and one of her favourite shops is high-end vintage emporium Duke's Cupboard in Soho. "I found out about them through my boyfriend, he's friends with the owners. He always picks me up little gifts from there when he's passing through. For my birthday he got me a vintage Adidas jumper that I wear every day." She also shops independent clothing dealers on Instagram, and her mecca is vintage emporium Procell in New York. "I find that vintage clothing, especially jumpers and T-shirts, just have better shapes."

Kimonos, jackets and trainers are the most treasured items in her wardrobe: "I'm a bit of an obsessive collector of the three," she laughs. "My favourite jackets are proably my vintage Polo Sport quilted puffa from Procell, my reversible silk Japanese tour jacket from the 60's and my vintage Japanese bomber. I have a couple of 1930's silk kimonos that I love and a large trainer collection. My current favourites are the Reebok Phase 1 Pro "Corner '85". they were a Foot Patrol online release and I wish I had bought more that one pair now!" Spoken like a true sneaker head.

Purple Floral Dress, TEMPERLEY. Hat, LOCK & CO HATTERS. Black Neck Scarf,  GUCCI. Boots, DR. MARTEN. Jewellery, MONICA VINADER.

For current labels she loves London Fashion Week designer Ashley Williams' new collection for its "relaxed but high-end feel." Of course, for lingerie it's luebella. "It fits like a glove and is still really beautiful, the perfect combination." The less you wear, the harder working that item needs to be, and Taylor advocates wearing sexy lingerie every day, not just for your partner, "so much lingerie is either cheap made from bad materials and therefore so uncomfortable, or made from good materials but costs a fortune." Her physique is slim and athletic, thanks in part to a twice-weekly Muay Thai martial art class that helps keep her in shape: "it's so cathartic and really good for fitness."

As you'd expect from the daughter of a bona fide songwriting legend, Taylor's music tastes are varied but credible, encompassing "everything except contemporary pop. I love hip hop, old school rock, funk, jazz, soul, garage, techno... I'm not a big fan of house... or psytrance." She's a natural on the drums like her father and brother, but gets embarrassed playing in front of people. Holiday time with her family is "cosy and boozy!I spend it at my mum's house with all my siblings. We eat a lot, drink a lot and laugh a lot, and always end with the same board game." If it's Scrabble, we're guessing she's good.

Dress and Belt, TOGA. Leather jacket, BLK DNM. Black neck scarf, GUCCI. Jewellery, MONICA VINADER.

Thank you very much to Little Queenies for the scans!

Three behind the scenes pictures from October 9th, 2016.


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Choccy TV instagram - youtube
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Saturday, 8 October 2016

2016 - Moncler ‘Freeze For Frieze’ Dinner

Tigerlily Taylor attends the Moncler ‘Freeze For Frieze’ Dinner Party at the Moncler Bond Street Boutique on October 7, 2016 in London, United Kingdom.
Moncler asked artists, designers, friends of the brand, cultural icons and some of the renowned college's alumni and students to donate a piece of their artwork. The nearly 400 pieces, all in postcard format and signed only on the back, had been freely donated by the artists and sold at a fixed price of 60 pounds each at the ‘Freeze For Frieze’ exhibition to be staged at the Moncler flagship store till October 9th. All funds raised will be donated to the Royal College of Art.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

2016 - Galore magazine

Tigerlily Taylor wearing an Adidas Tracksuit sold exclusively at Urban Outfitters for Galore.

Photography: Daniel Sachon.
Hair: Terri Capon.
Make Up: Emma Regan.
Stylist: Kylie Griffiths.
Assistant: Doey Drummond. 
Photography Assistant: Abby Deakin. 

From Kate Moss to Kate Middleton and Princess Diana to Elizabeth Hurley, British girls have always had a certain something. And in the spirit of London Fashion Week, we asked 6 British it girls our toughest style qs. Here’s what they had to say: 

How do Londoners prepare for their autumn wardrobe?

I don’t know about the vast population of London but I tend to dig out my beanies and stick to tracksuits.

Fav type of of pub food and why?

Fish and chips with mushy peas.

What’s your go-to British style staple and why?

My beat-up leather 70s biker jacket. Since my teenager years growing up in London, my wardrobe has always featured a leather jacket. It’s one of the few staple pieces that has stood the test of time.

Beatles or Rolling Stones? Why?

The Beatles. Although I love both bands, I will always be a sucker for the Beatles. The entire collection spans so many different genres and you can really trace the band’s development through the changes in style.

Who’s your British style icon and why?

David Bowie. He expressed pure individualism.

And a couple of behind the scenes pics from September 7th 2016.

Daniel Sachon website - instagram
Terri Capon website - instagram - twitter - tumblr
Emma Regan website - instagram - twitter
Kylie Griffiths instagram - blog
Doey Drummond instagram - twitter

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

2016 - LOVE Magazine and Marc Jacobs LFW Party

Tigerlily Taylor and Henry Pedro Wright attend the LOVE Magazine and Marc Jacobs LFW Party to celebrate LOVE 16.5 collector's issue of LOVE and Berlin 1989 at Loulou's on September 19, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for LOVE / CONDE NAST)

Monday, 19 September 2016

2016 - Topshop Unique London Fashion Week show


Ella Eyre, Anais Gallagher, Tigerlily Taylor & Henry Pedro Wright, Amber Le Bon, Clara Paget, Chelsea Leyland, Hannah Bronfman, Ella Hunt, Millie Brady and Phoebe Collings James attend the Topshop Unique show during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer Collections 2017 at Old Spitalfields Market on September 18, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Topshop).