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Thursday, 3 March 2016

2016 - Hello Fashion Monthly magazine

Tigerlily Taylor at the cover of the Hello! Fashion Monthly April 2016 issue.

Photography: Sevda Albers
Hair: Hauke Krause

Make-up: Anna Neugerbauer
Words: Harvey Marcus

Easy, Tiger!

Born into a Rock'N'Roll dinasty, TIGERLILY TAYLOR could be forgiven for being a hell-raiser. Instead, the free-spirited daughter of Queen's drummer Roger Taylor is juggling university studies with modelling while secretly indulging a passion for drumming (so, a little bit of rock'n'roll, then...)

Tigerlily Taylor half opens the door of her hotel room and politely asks if we wouldn't mind waiting a moment. Minutes later, she returns and, in hushed tones, beckons us inside: "Are you sure you're OK doing the interview in here?"

The teperature outside it's minus six, but inside the suite, atBerlin's five-star Titanic Deluxe Hotel, the thermostat is on full throttle. The detritus of room service is casually distributed on the dressing table-cum-desk.On the floor, the contents of a suitcase are scattered in every direction. As Tigerlily, known simply as Tiger to her friends, locates a chair beneath a stray towel, the duvet on the bed just a few feet away, shifts a little.

"Are you asleep, baby?" she tenderly calls out to her boyfriend, Tommy Hilfiger model, Henry-Pedro Wright, who responds with a friendly, lazy grunt, before rolling over on to his side. "I'm so sorry," she turns to us, "he's tired."

Unsurprising, given their early start that morning. Tiger, daughter of drummer Roger Taylor of legendary rock band Queen, and her 25-year-old beau left London at 5.30am. After landing in Berlin, they hightailed it across the city, where, after freshening up, Tiger went straight into hair and make-up for HFM's fashion shoot.

The model is here at the invitation of German fashion house Marc Cain for Berlin AW16 Fashion Week and later on she'll take her front row seat beside the label's other 'special guest', Victoria's Secret model, Irina Shayk.

A Marc Cain fan, Tiger says the clothes' unique patterns and colours appeal to her sense of free spirit. "They're really bold and I also like their use of faux fur in the coats and accessories," she tells us.

Tiger's been in the fashion game for more than three years now, working for the likes of Urban Outfitters and Charlotte Simone, and making the cover of Teen Tatler in 2013. But she remains at university – currently in her second year at Sussex, studying English literature – and so views modelling as an exciting, not to mention lucrative, sideline and herself as still something of a novice. Which is why, today, the prospect of having to stand in front of the German paparazzi in a couple of hours' time is causing her a not inconsiderable amount of stress. "I've never done the red carpet like that before," she admits, bitting her thumbnail. "What am I going to say? I'm really nervous."

Given her pedigree, one might imagine she'd grown up accustomed to being in the spotlight. As well as having a rock star for a father, her mother is former model Deborah Leng (the couple separated in 2002), possibly best known as 'the girl from the Cadbury Flake advert', and famously making the 'crumbliest flakies' chocolate bar also the sexiest confectionery on the planet.

Has Tiger seen those adverts? She scrunches up her nose and laughts: "Yeah! Yeah, I did! It was great," she says in mock derision. "At the time it was really controversial, but when you look now it's quite suggestive but so much tamer than it would have seemed back then. It's hilarious. Some of her other ones are even funnier. She did an advert for Lilt where she's running along on the beach – all really cheesy – and jumps over a turtle."

Eighties advertising standards aside, Tiger's love of fashion is entirely down to her mum – "Definitely. My own style's quite 'rocky' – leather jackets with Nike trainers ad tracksuits, then it's all vintage designer, Jean Paul Gautier and Vivienne Westwood from her wardrobe. Half my clothes are my mum's from back in the day; full leather jacket-and-trouser combos, high-waisted Gautier black suede skirts; I've always just worn them."

And how about a little silk jump-suit from her father's heyday in Queen? "Noooo!" she squeals. "No, no, no!" Then remembers her manners. "Well, I guess, maybe some of the more toned-down outfits."

Tiger is the middle of Roger's three children with Deborah; Rufus Tiger – now a drummer with The Darkness – is 25, and her younger sister, Lola Daisy, is 16 [sic]. Roger also has two children from his first marriage to Richard Branson's former PA, Dominique Beyrand – a son, Felix Luther, and a daughter, now a doctor, Rory Eleanor. "We're all very, very close." says Tiger. "All of us. We don't think of ourselves as half brothers or sisters."

Quick to laugh at herself and easy company, she displays none of the posturing one might associate with rock royalty. What's it like when your dad's a member of one of the biggest bands the world has ever seen? "That's how it is," she answers sweetly. "It's just my dad, isn't it?" Does she know all of the Queen songs off by heart? "Nooo! My dad would think I was a giant dork if I knew all of them. I used to listen to them so much when I was younger but strayed away because I used to get bullied at school. People would put them on at a party and be like, 'Ha! Ha!', so I kind of developed a bitof an adversion to them for a while. But I do love their music."

Raised in Helford, Cornwall, Tiger moved to London with her family when she was nine. It was, she looks back now, a bi change for her. "I was very into horses when I was younger so for the first few years I still went down to the country and rode my pony every weekend. Then I became a teenager..." She was, by her own admission, "quite an angry child". Un-coincidentaly, her biggest fashion regret came at the age of 15 when she chopped off all her hair and dyed it red in honour of her hero, Kurt Cobain. What was she angry at, we wonder? "Nothing! Teen angst. Hormones, I guess."

Some of her happiest times were spent boarding at exclusive Bedales in Hampshire – the school of choice for the offspring of the artistic elite, and known for its liberal principles and creative attitude towards education. "Being at Bedales was amazing," enthuses Tiger. "I'm going to send my children there. It's just the weirdest, coolest school." One of her closest friends during that period was a young Cara Delevingne. Three years her senior, they knew each other through family friends. Cara, she says, was "the whole reason I went to bedales and the only person I knew in the begining. I was in her dorm and she was kind of like my older sister. She was hilarious, actually, and we had so much fun."

Could she imagine back then how Cara's life would turn out? "No, not at all. She never seemed a model-like person at all. I don't think I ever once saw her wearing make-up. Like ever. She was such a tomboy. Crazy. Good on her, though. She's done incredible things. Well done." And are they still friends? "Not really," she answers with a hint of sadness. "I'll see her around occasionally, but she's so busy, you know."

One of her favourite retreats at Bedales was, inevitably, it's state.of-the-art recording studio. "I used to play drums in there twice a week."

Rythm is in her genes – "It does come naturally" – although she's quick to poke fun at her father's mentoring skills. "He's the worst teacher in the whole world. He thinks he's simplifying things and he's just not." Neither does she have any intention of following in his footsteps: "No, no, no. I don't like to play in front of other people. I'm shy. Embarrassed." So why does she play? "It's the most cathartic thing in the world. I love it... and it's really good to get your aggression out."

There's a moment of reflection. Mayne she could imagine joining a band one day: "But there's quite a lot of pressure to live up to because my brother's a professional drummer and well he's incredible. Maybe... I also think it's a bit of a cliché thing for me to do."

Being a cliché is one thing she can't be accused of. Following Bedales, she took A-levels in English literature, philosophy and photography (a subject she still takes a ken interest in), before enrolling at Sussex. "My parents have always supported everything we've done. Ultimately, I love English. I write a lot of poetry and short stories. I'd like to move on to novel writing and maybe journalism. I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to go into yet. I'm just doing to get my degree out of the way and then see where it takes me. My parents are very liberal and have always made sure not to put too much pressureon any of us."

It's at this juncture, and accompanied by an exaggerated yan, the nearby duvet comes alive and with it, Tiger's boyfriend, Henry.  

Feel free, we say to him, "to pitch in"– Tiger playfully finishes the sentence. "No," says Henry, smiling and shufflin towards the bathroom. "She gets embarrassed." So what attracted her to Henry, we tease. "Loads of things!" she raises her voice for his benefit. "Everything. Henry's really hot!"

Her studies mean that she lives in Brighton much of the year, but when back in London, she splits her time between her mum's home in Fulham and her own flat in Ladbroke Grove. "I love Brighton. I really miss the sea actually, because I was brought up a lot in Cornwall. Helford is my favourite place in the whole world. I do sometimes feel a bit claustrophobic in London."

As the glam team arrive to do her hair and make-up, a palpably flattered Tiger, remembering her red carpet duties, insists again that she's not really into the celebrity scene. "No, not like that," she exclaims, shaking her head at the thought.

The next time we meet her is at the post-show cocktail party. A glass of pink champagne and a sneaky cigarette have clearly had a recuperative effect on her spirits. "The show was amazing," she beams, her pillowy lips breaking into a warn grin. "And the red carpet was totally fine. I took Henry," she adds, glancing towards her boyfriend. "My mum always hated that... being left behind while my dad had his photo taken. So I want Henry to be there with me."

The charming young couple say their goodbies and disappear into the Berlin night to meet friends, out of the celeb spotlight, where Tiger feels most comfortable. With that shock of blonde rock-chick hair and sassy style, you get the feeling, whether she likes it or not, we're going to be seeing a lot more of her.  

Jacket, £529, Sandra at Harrods Zebra Top, £26, Topshop Stripe Top (underneath), £65, Marc Cain Shorts, £159, Maje at Harrods Shoes, £80, Aldo Socks, £8.50, Item m6 Earrings, £105, Elizabeth and James at Harvey Nicols Cuff, £275, Vita Fede at Fenwick Blue Ring (right hand), £125 Bex Rox Rings (left hand), from £70, Astley Clarke

Jacket, £315, Skirt, £125, both Marc Cain Top, £18, Topshop, Chiffon Top, £110,, Reiss Rings, from £60, all Astley Clarke

Mac, £525, Red Valentino at Harrods Top, £165, Trousers, £125, both Marc Cain, Shoes, £180, Kurt Geiger

Jacket, £520, Cavern at Harvey Nichols Jumper, £42, Topshop Culottes, £345, Sea NY at Fenwick Belt, £65, Peter Jensen Bag, £289, Marc Cain Earrings, £85 Rings, from £60, all Astley Clarke

Shirt, £397, Scarf, £35, both Marc Cain Jacket, £200, Heohwan Simulation Jeans, £292, Paige Shoes, £48, Topshop Rings, from £70, Astley Clarke Cuff, £470, Maison Margiela at Fenwick

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