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Thursday, 21 April 2016

2016 - Meet London's Coolest Couple

Meet London's Coolest Couple

  • 19 April 2016
  • Naomi Pike
Tigerlily Taylor and Henry Pedro-Wright are in serious contention for being crowned London's coolest (and cutest) couple. Her all gleaming blonde tresses and rock-star credentials, him brooding good looks and cool-guy charm. They are the ultimate in relationship goals. In the almost two years they've been together, the pair have become a fixture on the city's social scene. So, it is of no suprise that pair have been snapped up for their first joint campaign. Enter Zoë Jordan's latest KNITLAB:XY menswear collection. Perfect for that borrowed-from-the-boys style, that being an experienced boyfriend's clothes borrower, Tigerlily has perfected. As we get the first look of the Lily-Bertand Webb-shot images, Miss Vogue gets familiar with the new couple to know: 

How did you meet?
Tigerlily: At Secret Garden party. We had our first anniversary party there last year. We try to go to a lot of festivals. We'll try and go to Glastonbury, Secret Garden this year and something a bit last minute.
Henry: I'm terrible at organising anything, I'm so last minute.
T: I want to go away as much as possible. I usually go away with my family, usually to the Med with my Dad and brothers and sisters. We went to Ibiza last year.

Is this the first time you've shot together?
T: Yeah it's been really fun, really nice. It's been good not to go to a shoot and sit on your own all day. But it's been hard to look into his eyes; he makes me laugh straight away.

Do you borrow each other clothes?
T: I wear all of his clothes. My entire wardrobe is his. He's got better clothes than me. He gets really annoyed at me borrowing. I always wear big T-shirts and he gets great exclusive ones that I steal. And you wear some of my sweatshirts sometimes and trackies, basically all of the ones he's given to me, he takes back.

What look sums up London right now?
T: I think it's still quite Nineties especially in younger youth culture. I'd say it's the Palace stuff…

H: In terms of street culture you've got brands like Palace. A lot of my friends work for them and they're incorporating old school things, like their collaboration with Reebok to make old-school Classics dope again and everyone's wearing Nike TNs, TN hats. It is that end of the Nineties garage look.

Have you picked up any habits or slang from each other?
T: Yeah probably, we spend a lot of time together so I've definitely picked up some twisted English from this degenerate!

What is the most romantic thing you have done for each other?
H: We're always doing spontaneous, romantic things for each other. I couldn't pick one, it's personal.

What would be your dream date?
T: We spent an amazing afternoon watching the sunset on Ipanema Beach in Rio... Can't really top that.

If you could steal one thing from each other's wardrobes what would it be?
T: I steal everything.
H: I would probably take one of Tiger's many vintage jacket pieces.

Who is the funny one?
T: Obviously we are both hilarious.

Which one of you is better in a crisis?
H: Me, definitely. I keep level headed in peak situations.

Where is your favourite place to go out in London?
H: I used to go out a lot more when I was younger. My favourite night was Fwd at Plastic People. Now it would probably be Boiler Room nights at various locations.
T: I like the Groucho Club because it's chilled and has nice sofas... Other than that I'll go see an artist play, I'm not crazy into clubbing anymore. I tend to go to friends' houses.

If the world was ending tomorrow, what would you spend tonight doing?
T: I'd be with my man... hint hint... nudge nudge...

Where is your happy place?
H: One of many is my secret spot in Richmond Park.
T: I love the John Madejski garden at the V&A.

Did you always get on with each other's friends?
T: I love hanging out with Henry's friends and my friends love him.