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Saturday, 27 August 2016

2016 - Meet the Next Generation of Rock-Star Kids Turned Models

Meet the Next Generation of Rock-Star Kids Turned Models


Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Simone / @charlottesimone_; Courtesy of Tigerlily Taylor / @tigerlily_taylor
Tigerlily Taylor
Instagram: @tigerlily_taylor

Already a regular in the front rows during London Fashion Week, Tigerlily Taylor could just be the next British It girl. Daughter of Queen drummer Roger Taylor, she’s been modeling since the age of 18, in between finishing up her degree in English literature.

She loves working for brands that champion feminism.
“I did an amazing shoot recently for Bluebella, a lingerie brand. I love their feminist ethos as they advocate the empowerment of women in feeling sexy and powerful in themselves, subverting the traditional way that women have purchased lingerie in the past, for the benefit of the male gaze.”

What’s she listening to?
“I get to travel a lot and go to a lot of concerts which is always pretty sweet. Was obviously very lucky to get a great education in music from a young age, being around it so much. And I have been privileged enough to meet some of my heroes which has been incredible. Other than all my rock ’n’ roll favorites: David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, and The Who, etc., I love funk, blues, and soul. I’m a huge hip-hop fan as well. Basically, everything, bar contemporary pop music.”

Even her style icons are rock ’n’ roll.
“[I love] David Bowie and Grace Jones for a proper rock ’n’ roll, glam rock style and then Kurt Cobain because I’ll always be a little bit grungy. My daytime style is quite comfortable. I always say I dress like a 10-year-old boy. But I do like to dress up for fancy occasions.”

She’s passionate about her studies.
“It might surprise people because I can come across quite loud but I am actually very nerdy and socially awkward. I spend all year at university just working every day and hardly go out at all.”