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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

2016 - Galore magazine

Tigerlily Taylor wearing an Adidas Tracksuit sold exclusively at Urban Outfitters for Galore.

Photography: Daniel Sachon.
Hair: Terri Capon.
Make Up: Emma Regan.
Stylist: Kylie Griffiths.
Assistant: Doey Drummond. 
Photography Assistant: Abby Deakin. 

From Kate Moss to Kate Middleton and Princess Diana to Elizabeth Hurley, British girls have always had a certain something. And in the spirit of London Fashion Week, we asked 6 British it girls our toughest style qs. Here’s what they had to say: 

How do Londoners prepare for their autumn wardrobe?

I don’t know about the vast population of London but I tend to dig out my beanies and stick to tracksuits.

Fav type of of pub food and why?

Fish and chips with mushy peas.

What’s your go-to British style staple and why?

My beat-up leather 70s biker jacket. Since my teenager years growing up in London, my wardrobe has always featured a leather jacket. It’s one of the few staple pieces that has stood the test of time.

Beatles or Rolling Stones? Why?

The Beatles. Although I love both bands, I will always be a sucker for the Beatles. The entire collection spans so many different genres and you can really trace the band’s development through the changes in style.

Who’s your British style icon and why?

David Bowie. He expressed pure individualism.

And a couple of behind the scenes pics from September 7th 2016.

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