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Monday, 10 October 2016

2016 - Phoenix magazine

Photography: Daniel Nadel.
Hair: Choccy Sanchez.
Make Up Artist:  Lan Nguyen-Grealis.
Stylist: Hannah C. Beck.
Set Designer: Lee Flude.
Stylist's Assistant: Hannah Shams.

Tiger in the City

Rock Royalty, Tigerlily Taylor talks to Hannah Kane about a career in words, fashion must-haves, and London's best bits.

Gold trousers, TARA JARMON. Skirt and top, ALTUZARRA. Boots, DR. MARTEN

Tigerlily Taylor is reclining in an oversize antique armchair, vintage military jacket thrown over a dress of gossamer ruffles by Allessandra Rich, with the kind of louche nonchalance as befits a rock and roll czarina. The daughter of British supergroup Queen drummer Roger Taylor and supermodel Deborah Leng, whose 80s TV ad for Flake captured the gloriously over-the-top spirit of the times, she's inherited the best of both sides of the genetic pool while quietly forging her own path.

There's something in the grungy blonde roots, softly-spoken voice and power brows that's reminiscent of London faces Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. In fact, the 22-year old shared a dorm with Delevingne at famously lieral private school Bedales in Hampshire, describing her in newspapers as "like my older sister. She was hilarious, actually, and we had so much fun." Now Taylor (or Tiger as she's known to her friends), is in the throes of a final year dissertation studying English at Sussex University, finding time to shoot a lingerie campaign for London-born brand Bluebella, and PHOENIX's 20th issue anniversary cover. She started modelling aged 17, and has stuck with the advice that her mother gave her: "don't start too young, and always be yourself.

A career in writing appeals, but Taylor's not making any desicions just yet - there are other avenues still up for grabs. "I have ideas but I don't want to set a specific path for myself," she says. "Ideally I'd love to get into journalism and eventually into novel writing. I write poetry and would love to complie and illustrate a book of my own poetry." That novel may end up being out of this world if the works of her favourite authors Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Por are anything to go by. "I've always been fascinated by science fiction and am a big fan of Wells and Orwell," enthuses Taylor. "Currently I'm studying the work of Vladimir Nabokov." She's got a hidden talent for spelling, which certainly makes a writer's life easier.

Growing up in the idyllic English countryside, Taylor's childhood memories are of playing with her siblings, younger sister Lola Daisy May Taylor and older brother Rufus Tiger Taylor, whose distinctive middle name was apparently chosen by Freddie Mercury. The trio spent much of their time outdoors. "Most of my favourite memories are of looking after horses with my mum and building dens with my brother in the garden," says Taylor. rufus has since followed in his father's footsteps as a drummer and plays with glam metal band The Darkness as well as the Queen + Adam Lambert stage show tour.

Blue Military coat, BEYOND RETRO. Lace Dress, LUISA BECCARIA. Lether Trousers, BELSTAFF. Boots, DR. MARTEN. Jewellery, MONICA VINADER


The family moved to London when Taylor was nine, and having spent her teenage years there she thinks the capital is special because it's "so culturally diverse - diversity is one of the things that makes it a great city." In the recent EU Referendum, like most of our demographic, she voted Remain. "I was shocked at the outcome and don't think anyone expected it. I feel that Britain has taken a massive step backwards."

Her little black book of London haunts includes La Brasserie on Brompton Road, "it's a French Restaurant I go to with my mum. We've been going there since I was little." For "the best burger in London", she recommends Boom Burger on Portobello Road, but come cocktail hour Soho's infamous Groucho Club beckons. The John Madejski Garden at the Victoria and Albert Museum is her spot for moments of contemplation: "the beautiful architecture of the museum encircles an oval pool, creating an incredibly peaceful environment."

Taylor's boyfriend is fellow Select agency model Henry-Pedro Wright, their respective Instagram feeds are peppered with cute shots of them being cool and silly. Her perfect date with him is a good old fashioned "Netflix and chill with a bottle of wine. We are so romantic," she deadpans.

Wright has a good eye for clothes, Taylor loves to wear wintage, and one of her favourite shops is high-end vintage emporium Duke's Cupboard in Soho. "I found out about them through my boyfriend, he's friends with the owners. He always picks me up little gifts from there when he's passing through. For my birthday he got me a vintage Adidas jumper that I wear every day." She also shops independent clothing dealers on Instagram, and her mecca is vintage emporium Procell in New York. "I find that vintage clothing, especially jumpers and T-shirts, just have better shapes."

Kimonos, jackets and trainers are the most treasured items in her wardrobe: "I'm a bit of an obsessive collector of the three," she laughs. "My favourite jackets are proably my vintage Polo Sport quilted puffa from Procell, my reversible silk Japanese tour jacket from the 60's and my vintage Japanese bomber. I have a couple of 1930's silk kimonos that I love and a large trainer collection. My current favourites are the Reebok Phase 1 Pro "Corner '85". they were a Foot Patrol online release and I wish I had bought more that one pair now!" Spoken like a true sneaker head.

Purple Floral Dress, TEMPERLEY. Hat, LOCK & CO HATTERS. Black Neck Scarf,  GUCCI. Boots, DR. MARTEN. Jewellery, MONICA VINADER.

For current labels she loves London Fashion Week designer Ashley Williams' new collection for its "relaxed but high-end feel." Of course, for lingerie it's luebella. "It fits like a glove and is still really beautiful, the perfect combination." The less you wear, the harder working that item needs to be, and Taylor advocates wearing sexy lingerie every day, not just for your partner, "so much lingerie is either cheap made from bad materials and therefore so uncomfortable, or made from good materials but costs a fortune." Her physique is slim and athletic, thanks in part to a twice-weekly Muay Thai martial art class that helps keep her in shape: "it's so cathartic and really good for fitness."

As you'd expect from the daughter of a bona fide songwriting legend, Taylor's music tastes are varied but credible, encompassing "everything except contemporary pop. I love hip hop, old school rock, funk, jazz, soul, garage, techno... I'm not a big fan of house... or psytrance." She's a natural on the drums like her father and brother, but gets embarrassed playing in front of people. Holiday time with her family is "cosy and boozy!I spend it at my mum's house with all my siblings. We eat a lot, drink a lot and laugh a lot, and always end with the same board game." If it's Scrabble, we're guessing she's good.

Dress and Belt, TOGA. Leather jacket, BLK DNM. Black neck scarf, GUCCI. Jewellery, MONICA VINADER.

Thank you very much to Little Queenies for the scans!

Three behind the scenes pictures from October 9th, 2016.


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