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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

2016 - Tigerlily Taylor on modelling, studying for a degree and being the daughter of Queen drummer Roger Taylor

Tigerlily Taylor on modelling, studying for a degree and being the daughter of Queen drummer Roger Taylor

The 22-year-old started modelling at the age of 17

LIZZIE EDMONDS - Tuesday 1 November 2016

Model Tigerlily Taylor says she no longer cares about being "tall and skinny" - unlike when she first started in the industry.

Taylor, 22, the daughter of Queen drummer Roger, said that after five years of modelling, she was comfortable with her body. But she doesn’t see her future in the industry, instead hoping to become a writer.

"I have been modelling since I was 17," she said. "I was an awkward, grungy teenager and a massive tomboy. Of course I wanted to be tall and skinny but now I don’t care at all. I am not a super-skinny 6ft 10in giraffe model but I am completely comfortable with my body as it is."

Taylor, who was speaking as she was announced as the face of London lingerie brand Bluebella, revealed she did not enjoy working on catwalk shows. "You do get an incredible adrenaline rush afterwards but I find it a bit too stressful," she said.

She balances her modelling career with studying for an English degree at the University of Sussex. "I am working incredibly hard in my final year at uni and really want to get a first and then have a career in writing when I leave - possibly starting in journalism," she said. "But ultimately I would like to write a novel."

So far she has followed in the footsteps of her mother, model and actress Debbie Leng. But Taylor compared herself to her father, with whom she is pictured. "He has had a pretty crazy life," she said. "He is a real intellectual. We are very similar."

Taylor also spoke about her boyfriend, fellow model Henry Pedro-Wright. "Henry has really calmed me down, but I am never getting married," she said. "I don’t believe in the institution. It takes away all the romance."

The collection worn by Taylor is available at Bluebella.com