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Friday, 3 February 2017

2017 - A Tiger Valentine's...

Tiger Loves

While we admire Bluebella muse Tigerlily Taylor in our new SS17 collection, we find out what Valentine's Day means to her.

Written by Stephanie Stapleton.

With Cupid poking his cheeky head around the corner, we had a chat with our favourite girl Tigerlily Taylor, and face of Bluebella’s SS17 collection, to hear her thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

In regard to how seriously she takes the day itself, Tigerlily, who has been with model boyfriend Henry Pedro-Wright for over two years, said: “I think the idea of the occasion is silly but I do enjoy it. It's just another reason to do something special with your partner.” She added “I collect ridiculous cards and the Valentines ones are always the funniest”. 

While the plan for the day itself has yet to be decided, Tigerlily told us about her partner’s relaxed but romantic Valentine’s surprise last year. She said: “ my boyfriend bought champagne, lit candles and cooked me a roast at his flat. That was a really nice, cosy idea.” 

But even a low-key Valentine’s day isn’t complete without a new piece of lingerie, according to Tigerlily, who said: “I love finding a new piece of lingerie for each year. It's always a surprise for him and finding the piece is fun for me.”
Having told us in the past that she loves the idea of buying lingerie for yourself and not just for your partner, Tigerlily stressed she is “a firm believer that your partner should make you feel sexy no matter what you are wearing.” 

As the face of Bluebella’s SS17 collection, naturally we wanted to find out Tigerlily’s thoughts about the pieces she sported during the shoot. Tiger, a self-professed tomboy, said she likes that the designs are “elegant but not too girly for me” and loves how wearable they are.

She added: “There are lots of strong, supportive lines in the designs  that make them comfortable and portray a sense of strength”. It’s this strength that we think Tigerlily, who is also a Muay Thai Kickboxer and high-achieving English Literature student, embodies herself - making her the perfect face of the collection.